Solicitation of a Minor

Sexual Assault ● Child Sexual Abuse ● Rape ● Prostitution ● Child Pornography ● Indecent Exposure ● Indecency with a Child

In Texas, as with most areas of the United States, sex crimes are taken very seriously and are aggressively prosecuted by law enforcement. A conviction for a sex crime can carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison time. Additionally, the social stigma surrounding accusations of sex crimes can be especially damaging to the reputations and professional licenses of those accused.

At the Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood , I understand the anxiety and concern that you have when you come to my office. I understand that not everyone accused of a sex crime is guilty and that the law provides everyone with the opportunity for an aggressive defense in a court of law.

Sexual assault charges can lead to serious penalties including fines, jail time and lifetime registry as a sex offender. If convicted, you may be unable to work in certain occupations or live in certain neighborhoods. You may even face restrictions on living with your own children.

Questions that should be addressed when formulating a defense:

  • Was there mistaken identity involved?
  • Was the act physically possible as described?
  • Did the alleged victim have a motive to lie?
  • Was the sexual act consensual?
  • Does the accuser or parent of accuser holds a grudge against the defendant?
  • Is claimant a parent using false accusation to gain advantage in child custody?
  • Does alleged victim suffers from a psychological disorder?
  • Has alleged victim accused others of sexual assault prior to this allegation?
  • Is claimant (parent of child) or alleged victim simply malicious?
  • Does claimant have an agenda that involves discrediting someone for financial gain?
  • Is alleged victim a child or stepchild of accused who is angry over parenting techniques or who has recently been in trouble in the home?

Sex Offender Registry upon Conviction

Currently, Texas law requires individuals convicted of sexual assault toregister as convicted sex offenders. Whether you are under investigation or believe that you may be arrested for a sex offense, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can aggressively protect your rights from investigation through trial.

Penalties for Aggravated Sexual Assault Upon Conviction

The aggravated sexual assault of a child is considered a first-degree felony.Any conviction could result in serious penalties, including life in prison. Even lesser offenses can result in lifetime registration as a sex offender. To protect your rights, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible regarding the facts of your investigation or arrest. I will assess all evidence and work with experts and professionals, including psychologists,
to challenge evidence presented against you.

Aggravated sexual assault is a charge for particularly egregious offenses, including assault and sex crimes against minors under the age of 14 or assault involving the use of a weapon. When you are under investigation for sexual assault or an aggravated assault crime, it is important to protect your rights and work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer you can trust to get results.



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