‘Rape Culture’ Article in US News & World Report

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If you haven’t read Caroline Kitchen’s article about the rape culture that isn’t, you should.  In an effort to protect our college students and military service women from rape, we have lowered the standards used to prosecute, punish and penalize young men who are often falsely accused.    Should a young man be removed from school, denied Due Process or court marshaled in a military tribunal on evidence less than Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?   Shouldn’t the standards used to  protect each of us from criminal prosecution be the same as those which can be used to remove us from organizations or institution to which we otherwise belong?

This “preponderance of the evidence” standard is being used to demoralize and crucify our young men without a day in court, without the burden of proof necessary for a conviction.  We are accepting accusations as facts, as gospel.

If you haven’t read this article and you have a son, you need to educate yourself and beware.

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