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You may be feeling anxious, confused, angry, scared or a multitude of other feelings as a result of this ordeal. The sooner you start assembling your defense with “the right attorney,” the sooner you can have your peace of mind restored and your life restored to order.

Simply put, the attorney you employ when you hire the Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood has it all. With 20 years experience in criminal law, I am not new to defending clients who need immediate solutions and true understanding of their stresses and fears. My experience is simply unparalleled. As a former Assistant City Attorney, an Assistant District Attorney, over 11 years as a municipal judge and over a decade and a half defending serious crimes I have the experience to DEFEND YOU and a proud advantage over other attorneys.

I have handled over 300 jury trials (YES, 300!) and over 3,000 criminal cases. I handled everything from DWI to Murder. I excel in the defense of complicated felony charges, including sexual assaults, child abuse charges, murder, aggravated assault, family violence and dope charges.
I have had numerous not guilty verdicts and dismissals; I combine a comprehensive defense strategy with a team work approach hiring private investigators, expert witnesses and consultants as needed to bring you an unequaled level of experience and expertise.

Why hire the Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood?

I am widely recognized as one of the BEST trial attorneys in North Texas (DFW).  Other local attorneys often seek out my advice and counsel on their cases, and I’m often hired to supervise or assist them in their criminal trials.

When you hire me, I represent you. I do not send an associate to plead your case; no paralegal drafts your motions and when you call to discuss your case, you speak with me. I personally handle any case on which I am hired from the initial arrest to the conclusion of the proceedings. I return all phone calls and emails personally and strive to take some of the fear and anxiety out of the criminal justice system.

Being charged with a crime is emotionally taxing and can overwhelm every family member of the accused. Have an attorney who understands this stress is paramount to surviving the experience.

Over 20 Years Experience In Criminal Law

Nothing puts an anxious client’s nerves at ease better than an attorney with over 2 decades of battle-tested success and passion, know-how and sheer moxie to fight relentlessly for each and every client. In addition, nothing makes an opposing District Attorney more nervous than facing a defense attorney whose reputation they know and whom the courts and judges respect. When you work with The Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood, you’re working with an attorney that has successfully conquered virtually every scenario our criminal justice system can contrive.

The Bottom Line: successful outcomes for clients facing criminal charges

Let’s face it, when you are in the position of needing a criminal defense attorney, you want a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to WIN! While fighting for and receiving a successful outcome for my clients is routine, what is not common is the special care and strategic thought that goes into each and every client’s case. I am accessible to all of my clients and will devise a plan of attack that will best ensure success for YOU.

To paraphrase Gerry Spence, one of the greatest criminal defense attorneys of all time, winning embraces the articles of war, that whatever is necessary to win is acceptable in the genre of war, and criminal cases in Texas are wars. No less.

Which outcome do you consider a success? Each case is different and uniquely fact specific, so we will need to determine what results you need to survive:

  • Not Guilty Verdict
  • Trial before the court (TBC)
  • Jury Trial (TBJ)
  • Dismissal
  • Beating the Prosecution’s (state’s) recommendation
  • Other
    • Plea Bargains (probation, low jail sentence, conditional dismissal)
    • Convincing the Grand Jury to No Bill
    • Convincing the police agency to not file the charges
    • Convincing the District Attorney’s Office to refuse the case
    • Convincing the District Attorney to significantly reduce the charges

Benefits to hiring the Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood as compared to other firms or individuals

The benefit of working with me is the extraordinary rate at which I deliver satisfactory results for my clients. I am able to provide proven results in the courtroom for my clients because I understand how the system works and how to work within the system.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of trial work and the court system
  • STRONG relationships with court personnel – at each and every level – built on years of honest, ethical negotiating and representation of my clients
  • A process of defending my clients which combines creativity, personality, knowledge, and lastly, an aggressive courtroom demeanor
  • Honest, strong working relationships with prosecutors in Collin, Dallas and Tarrant Counties
  • Respect of the Judges in these three counties

About Me

I’m a proud native Texan!  I’m also a graduate of Texas A&M University (Honors) and Baylor University School of Law.

I am a criminal defense attorney in my soul and probably always have been. As a small child, I was often in trouble at school for defending another student against a false accusation or trouble they found themselves in. I have always hated inequality, racism, and bullying by police or persons in power and have felt a true affinity for the little man, the underdog.

Your right to legal representation is not supposed to be predicated on your ability to pay. For this reason, I champion indigent defense volunteering my time in pro bono cases and taking court appointment for clients who cannot legally be forced to pay.

I spent the majority of my childhood believing I would be a prosecutor, a champion for justice. I fulfilled that dream only to realize my destiny did not lay with prosecution. I found the system catered to the rich, privileged and connected persons and often ignored the rights of the regular guy. Who you hired mattered as much more to the courts and the district attorneys than WHAT you did. I became a defense attorney trying to instill some measure of equality to the cases that came to my desk.

I believe that every man, woman and child of every race and creed deserves to be heard. No crime is so heinous that the accused should not be presumed innocent and afforded every right and dignity afforded by law. My entire life is predicated on this belief.

I cannot promise to like you. I cannot promise to believe you. I don’t have to. What I promise to do is to zealously defend you.


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