Assault Family Violence Attorney in Collin County TX

Trusted Assault Family Violence Attorney in Collin County TX

Being charged with assault or family violence in Collin Texas can be a heartbreaking experience because depending on the nature of evidence, one can be accused of anything from Class C Misdemeanor to first Degree Felony. If you are charged with these offenses, you may be angry and disappointed with the way things are turning out. That is okay, but you should not forget to contact DFW Crimes and request to employ our competent assault family violence attorney in Collin County TX. At DFW Crimes, we believe in defending our clients to win cases.

All law firms are obviously not equal. Unlike most law firms that handle many areas of law, DFW Crimes handles cases within the criminal law field. We appreciate that assault cases are unique and cannot be addressed in the same way as other criminal defense cases. These cases face serious challenges given the pressure from family, loved ones, and some quarters of the society to get the job perfectly done. This knowledge and our commitment to serve to allow us to give all our clients the best possible representation.

The attorney you employ when you hire DFW Crimes has it all. With over two decades experience in criminal law, the firm is not new to defending clients with a wide variety of needs, ranging from health to legal needs. Katheryn H. Haywood, the founder of the company, is also available to ensure you are satisfied. If you need, she will represent you and not send an associate to plead your case.

Most people are mainly concerned with the prospect of having to find a qualified attorney. For this reason, we offer free consultation service to allow us to meet in person and discuss the details of your case. With these benefits, if you want a competent assault family violence attorney in Collin County TX, contact us today, thank us later.

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